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Friday, July 3, 2009

Life and Lost Dogs


Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and this past week has been no exception.  My mom just had surgery and I’m taking on more of the responsibilities around the house while she recovers.  The real time-sink this past week had nothing to do with my mother, though.

I found a lost dog and boy, was she cute.

Finding her original owner(s) was a task that, unfortunately, never bore fruit.   During the search process,  I learned a great deal about online options available to those who have either lost or found a pet. 

Since the majority of households in the U.S. have at least one pet, I’ve decided to share my findings with you in the hopes that if one of you ever loses a pet, you know exactly where to go to make sure whoever finds your companion can find you.

  • : I heard about this site from my veterinarian and I’m so glad someone had the motivation to create it.  You can post lost and found ads (with pictures too!) and even print posters with your contact information all for free.
  • : Under the “Classifieds” section of the main menu, you’ll find links for the “Lost Pets” and “Found Pets” listings.  I like that you can include a picture, if only the area weren’t so difficult to find on the site.
  • : What online classifieds listing would be complete without Craigslist?  Go to the “Pets” section on the site and post away!  The sheer number of ads can be a little daunting, but don’t let that discourage you.  Even if you end up on the 2nd or 3rd page of listings, the search function makes sure people looking for a specific dog will find your posting.

The puppy I found has been placed in a home with another Australian Shepherd puppy to play with her.  I couldn’t be happier for her :)!  Taking home a lost dog can mean a lot of extra work for you while you nurse it back to health, keep the peace at home (if you have other dogs), and try to find it a home, but the reward of knowing that you saved an innocent, loving animal’s life makes it ALL worth it.  

Please, don’t just keep on going when you find a dog.  One day it could be yours someone drives past. 


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