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Monday, July 29, 2013

Still Alive, Surviving the Texas Summer Heat!

Picture of sandal in sand

Writing Simplified is officially back from hiatus! I apologize for disappearing for a while unannounced, and I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking the blog had seen its last post.  My real world responsibilities became quite demanding and I needed to step back from the blog to focus on them. I’m sorry to see my Post Bachelor’s Speech and Language Pathology program come to an end; I came out a stronger person after being tempered by the constant stress from juggling clinic appointments and examinations.  I also learned a couple of things that I didn’t previously know, such as:

  • I’m a pushover when it comes to disciplining toddlers.
  • Writing well is incredibly important in healthcare professions.

Writing Simplified isn’t out of the woods yet, though. This fall semester I begin the Speech Language Pathology Master’s program and, from what I’ve heard, students spend upwards of 17 hours a day at the clinic.  I’m going to milk this brief respite for all it’s worth and write as many posts as I can before school starts again to avoid another long hiatus. I can’t thank you enough for staying with me through the highs and lows.  If you haven’t already subscribed to the RSS feed, remember to do so – the ease of having posts automatically come to you sure beats having to continually check a website for updates.


Photo credit: Peggy2012CreativeLenz