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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Blogger Behind the Blog

Welcome to Writing Simplified! My name is Carmen Seitan and I'll be your hostess during your visit here.

Who is Carmen?

I am a lover of language who spends my days teaching English composition to community college students.  I actually began this blog to help my mom improve her writing.  After a while, I realized my students could benefit from seeing some of my posts as well. 

O.k., but what gives you the right to tell others how to write?

I'm glad you asked! In a day and age when anyone can write anything about everything, it's absolutely essential to question the veracity of every single thing you read online.  Far too many people accept everything they read as fact without stopping to question who wrote the piece and for what purpose. 

Here's what gives me the “right” to consider myself an authority on the subject of writing:

  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics
  • I have a Master's degree in Linguistics
  • I teach English Composition at the college level
  • I am passionate about helping others improve their writing (It sounds cheesy, but it’s actually true :P). 
We live in a literate society where you have to know how to read and write to get around at all. You have to know how to read and write well to get ahead. If I can help just one person improve their circumstances, I'll have done my part to make this world a better place.

Everyone wants to make a difference, to leave their mark on this world. This blog is my way of doing just that.