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Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Web Fiction

 Poster saying free books

The following is a list of posts that relate to free web fiction.  I am a HUGE fan of anything and everything FREE.  That love coupled with my passion for reading have led me to discover literature that is online and free for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  Please take advantage of the hours of reading I’ve done and check out these posts; I’ve weeded out the mediocre material and have only included what I consider to be the best work online.

These blog posts are organized in order from most recent to least recent.

Books You Should Read:_The Eighteen Revenges of Dr. Milan_ by Christopher Ruz - NOT free
Fifteen Minutes of Fiction: "The Hike"
Flash Fiction Friday: "The Transfer"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Into the Dungeons"
Flash Fiction Friday: "The Shadows That Bind"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Bubbles' Revenge"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Hidden Shadows"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Runes and Shadows"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Attack of the Cliche Circuit"
Flash Fiction Friday: "Birthright"
Flash Fiction Friday: "The Currency of Death"
First Chapter Preview of Dan, A Man Without Youth
Author Spotlight: Christopher Ruz
Flash Fiction: "How Duane Came to Be in the Bathroom"
WebFiction Spotlight: Above Ground
Free Online Literature: Magician's Merger


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