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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Web Fiction Spotlight: Above Ground


Really good web fiction is hard to find (Although, Web Fiction Guide is making the hunt easier), so when I find one that’s so well written I can use it in my college composition classes as an example of writing done right, I want to spread the word about its greatness to as many people as possible.  Above Ground by A. M. Harte is one such web fiction and this blog post is dedicated to its greatness.

Above Ground takes place in the far distant future.  It is a post-apocalyptic tale that sets itself apart from other works in the genre by not describing a future world ravaged by a nuclear war or a zombie plague.  Instead, in the Above Ground world, humans began to inexplicably change, evolving either physically into half animal-half human creatures or mentally into beings capable of overpowering others using nothing more than the power of thought.

The story revolves around Lilith, a girl who has lived her entire life underground.  For her birthday present, her friend Emma buys tickets to a show on the surface world.  What happens at that show sets the stage for the rest of the story and the experiences, both good and bad, that Lilith goes through. 

If you’re a fan of good writing and are looking for a book with a setting, plot, and characters that are full of depth and complexity, Above Ground is the perfect web serial for you.  I would love to go on in great detail how this story exemplifies great writing, but I’m afraid I’d spoil too much of the plot for those who have yet to read it.  Fear not, though! I do plan on writing a couple of posts that will use specific examples from Above Ground and take them apart to reveal the techniques A. M. Harte uses to craft her art. 

This blog post is admittedly too short to do this web serial the justice it deserves, but time constraints keep me from being able to write more.  I plan to make up for my brevity in this post by going all out in future posts that deal with this web fiction.   If you’re craving a slightly more in-depth review of Above Ground, please read the reviews posted on Web Fiction Guide

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