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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Writing Process: A Graph


Several months ago I saw this graph on BoingBoing and fell in love with how true to life it is.  Created by Ed Yong, a science blogger for Discover magazine, it maps out Mr. Yong’s writing process from article conception to pseudo-end.  You see, no author ever actually finishes  working on a writing project; we just get the piece to a point we’re happy with and force ourselves to stop editing it so it can be published.

Click here to go to Mr. Yong’s original blog post.  The many comments Mr. Yong has received on his post should reassure you that you are not alone when it comes to struggling with writing assignments.


I love it!!! And this appliues not just to book manuscripts. Homework assignments, resumes, college personal essays, they all follow the same pattern :D It is true that the level of enjoyment goes up and down according to the difficulty. And the closer to the deadline, the lower the enjoyment level :)

Enjoyment is definitely inversely proportional to the proximity of the due date. Motivation, as well - the closer the deadline, the more I want to procrastinate writing.

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