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Thursday, June 23, 2011

FREE Click-to-Donate Online Charities

My last post highlighted the need everyone has for character development and I thought this would be a great opportunity to call attention to several online charities that allow you to donate to great causes at no cost to you.

Every night before I go to sleep, I make sure to get my daily click in to the following sites.  It doesn’t cost me anything and I am left with the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from having done something good for someone else.   Add the following websites to your daily routine and you too can start building good karma!

Click to Give

This website not only lets you click to provide animal care, feed the poor, stop child abuse, end homelessness, impact kids caner, and sponsor children, it ALSO tracks how many times you've clicked and shows you a graph detailing your cumulative impact on each charity. It really feels good to see those numbers go higher and know you're the reason!

The Rescue Sites

The Animal Rescue Site
This website is similar to the previous one in that the one site hosts various charities. In all, there are the Hunger Site, the Breast Cancer Site, the Animal Rescue Site, the Veterans Site, the Autism Site, the Child Health Site, the Literacy Site, and the Rainforest Site. Don't forget to visit each one through the menu bar at the top of the screen!


Much like Click-to-Give, Care2 lets you track your "credits" for every action you take on the site. Their click to donate charities include children, the rainforest, big cats, breast cancer, pets, seals, oceans, primates, global warming, violence, and wolves. Definitely add this website to your list of daily stops if clicking a button to donate to charity appeals to you.

If you're feeling generous and have more time to kill, consider visiting the following websites to click on more charities:

Happy clicking!

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Great links. Happy Caring! :)

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