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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Value of Writing Down Memorable Sayings

Ever had a conversation where someone says something that makes you think to yourself “Ooh, I’ve gotta write that down!”?  I just did. 

I was on the phone talking to a good friend about a technologically challenged student he was helping with a project when he said:

She was about as sharp as the corner on a round table.

As soon as our conversation ended, I ran to write that saying down in a little notebook I keep filled with random phrases, ideas, and sayings.  I did so because 1) the sentence amused me, 2) I’d never heard it before and didn’t know if I would come across it again, and 3) I might want to use it in my own writing in the future. 

Hanging on to cute or provocative quotes and sayings is a good habit to get into because you can turn to them for inspiration when you need to kick start a project or even include some in your own writing (with proper attribution, of course).  Take it one step further, though,  and think about the sayings and words of wisdom you hear a little closer to home.  In fact, right IN your home. 

Reared by a Peruvian mother and Romanian father, I didn’t exactly grow up hearing the same adages as my all-American classmates did.  It didn’t hit me until a few years ago what that means.  It means that when I read or hear or see something that that reminds me of an old saying one of my parents would tell my sister and me, I can’t just turn to someone and ask if they know of a saying that starts out “If a river sounds noisy…."

If you don’t yet have a notebook of your own where you jot down memorable sayings, consider getting one.   My twin swears by the Moleskin brand notebooks, but you don’t have to invest in something that expensive.  I myself just carry around one of those small cheapo spiral notebooks that you can pick up from Walgreens.  Don’t feel bound to pen and paper if you prefer keeping all your information on a computer; it doesn’t matter where you keep those sayings you find interesting, thought-provoking, amusing, and memorable, just that you do keep them.

Photo credit: Dvortygirl


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