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Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Appearances

Today as I was passing by the geology professor’s cubicle, I noticed that he was once again dressed as one about to go on an expedition to collect rocks in some exotic, remote location.   His slightly faded jeans had that worn-in look that went perfectly with his hiking boots.  He even carries his class materials around in one of those rugged looking backpacks that has more pockets and clips than a person could reasonably put to use.

In short, he looked like a geologist.

That got me to thinking about myself and what exactly a “writing specialist” looks like.  How exactly could I accessorize my garb so that any passerby could look at me and think “By golly, that lady  looks like a composition instructor”?

I’m thinking I could start tucking pencils behind my ears and occasionally scribble excitedly in a notebook that I carry around with me everywhere. 



Photo credit: gordmckenna


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