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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chihuahua Convalescing: Hugo’s Oral Recovery

Hugo Teeth Cleaning Summer 2012 04

Today I am staying home from work to nurse my little chihuahua back to health.  With a face that cute, who wouldn’t call in sick to stay home with the little guy?! Hugo had 6 teeth extracted yesterday during his teeth cleaning at Meyerland Animal Clinic, which, along with the 4 he had removed several years ago, makes him 10 teeth short of a full set of choppers.  That’s not too bad for a 7 year old chihuahua!

Dr. Werner noticed several of his teeth were mobile after we complained about his bad breath (not that dogs normally have minty fresh breath!) and urged us to get his teeth cleaned.  When she called to give me an update during his cleaning and said he had been “difficult” to prep for surgery, I thought to myself, “That’s my Hugo!” He’s not the sweetest dog when it comes to poking and prodding, and clipping his nails is a nightmare.

Now that his teeth are in perfect shape, it’s time to start preventative measures! Now I just have to find a chihuahua-sized toothbrush….

Pictured above is Hugo with his favorite stuffed animal.  The staff at Meyerland Animal Clinic even let him take his squirrel with him to his procedure! Below is Mofi on his walk yesterday. He didn’t even notice his little play-buddy was missing! I asked him where Hugo was and he gave me this “Who’s Hugo?” look! Ha! He was excited when I brought his accomplice-in-mischief back home, though.

Mofi During Hugo Teeth Cleaning Summer 2012


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