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Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Template and Comment System

Photo of blue acrylic paint glob

After putting it off for months, I have finally gotten around to over-hauling the website’s template and comment system.  There were little issues here and there that needed addressing in the template and Blogger’s built-in comment system wasn’t as versatile as readers wanted (not to mention it wouldn’t let me reply to individual comments).

I loved the old green template, but I think I’ve found one that, after I made a few modifications to the code, is equally clean and simple. Blue is my favorite color anyway, so the new look has quickly grown on me. I’m still tweaking fonts and sizes, so if there is anything on the page that is difficult for you to read or that you think could look better, let me know via e-mail or by leaving a comment in the new comment system.

The chief complaint I heard about the Blogger comment system was the need for a Google account to post a comment. I decided to use Disqus because it gives readers the choice of leaving a comment anonymously as a “guest” or through their  Disqus, Google, Open ID, Twitter, or Yahoo accounts.   It even lets me import all my Blogger comments so I don’t lose any valuable feedback!

Let me know what you think!


Photo credit: Photo Bunny


I love it, and I really love that blue = )

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